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Modelling Disease Ecology with Mathematics (2nd ed)

By Robert Smith?

ISBN-10: 1-60133-020-0

ISBN-13: 978-1-60133-020-8

"Modelling Disease Ecology with Mathematics" is a self-contained introduction to the basics of mathematics for students and researchers in the areas of biology, epidemiology, medicine and public health. It provides an overview of basic modelling, data-fitting and the tangled issue that is the basic reproductive ratio. Diseases covered include malaria, yellow fever, measles and AIDS.

This monograph views mathematics through the lens of real-world problems in infectious disease:

a) Mathematical models representing current diseases are formulated and analysed in an easy-to-follow manner.

b) MATLAB exercises provide the reader with the ability to develop control strategies, test hypothetical interventions and explore disease-management options.

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This monograph is especially suited to those without a background in mathematics, who are interested in learning about the way that mathematics can organise, analyse and enlighten when tackling biological problems in disease control and management.

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