2441 Marco Abate Universita' di Pisa Italy The dynamics of holomorphic maps tangent to the identity in several complex variables
2002 Khairia Abd El-Fattah El-Nadi Alexandria University Egypt On some stochastic parabolic differential equations in a Hilbert space
2399 Assyr Abdulle Basel University, Switzerland Switzerland Multiscale and stiff differential equations in transport problems
2445 Xiamixinuer Abudureheman IRD Centre de Recherche d'Ile-de France France Persistence and Extinction for General Nonautonomous n-Species Lotka- Volterra Cooperative Systems with Delays
2405 Andrew Acker Wichita State University USA Operator and Fixed Point Methods in Free Boundary Problems
2197 Mohameden Ahmedou Bonn and Tuebingen University Germany Morse indices of sign changing solutionsof Yamabe typeproblem
2083 Inkyung Ahn KOREA UNIVERSITY USA (Organizer of the session)
2168 Sergiu Aizicovici Ohio University USA Abstract doubly nonlinear evolution equations
2449 Goro Akagi Waseda University Japan Doubly nonlinear evolution equations and Bean's critical-state model for type-II superconductivity
2020 Mohammad Al-mahameed Irbid National University Jordan A maximum Principle for Higher Order Ordinary DifferentialInequalities.
2649 Saud AL-Sulami Ohio University USA On stability, admissibility and periodic solutions of linear difference equations in Banach spaces
2558 Fatiha Alabau-Boussouira Universite de Metz, LMAM, UMR 7122, Dpt of Mathematics France On energy decay rates for nonlinear dissipative hyperbolic systems
2160 Edward Allen Texas Tech University USA Numerical Solution of Delay Stochastic Equations and a Jump-Diffusion Model for the Spread of Amphibian Diseases
2023 John Alongi Pomona College USA Accessibility and Hyperbolicity
2404 Clementa Alonso IMPA (Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) Brazil Topological equivalence for vector fields with hyperbolic desingularization
2435 Liu Anping China University of Geosciences,Wuhan, P.R.China Peoples Rep of China \title{ {\bf Oscillation of nonlinear impulsive parabolic equations with several delays}
2453 Julien Arino McMaster University Canada Disease propagation in heterogeneous populations
2031 Gianni Arioli Politecnico di Milano Italy The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Model: PeriodicSolutions
2138 Gianni Arioli Politecnico di Milano Italy On a noncooperative reaction diffusion system
2112 Mark Ashbaugh University of Missouri--Columbia USA On Payne's Inequality for the First Buckling Eigenvalue of a Clamped Plate
2324 Zhivko Athanassov Institute of Mathematics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Bulgaria Stability of Recede Motions in Dynamical Systems
2509 George Avalos University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA \title{Global Exact Controllability of an Analytic and Nonlinear Thermoelastic System}
2512 George Avalos University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA The Null Controllability ofThermoelastic Plates and Singularityof the Associated Mimimal Energy Function
2613 Ezekiel Ayoola Department of Mathematics, University of Ibadan, Nigeria Nigeria On the set of solutions of quantum stochastic differential inclusions
2624 Vittorio Badalassi UCSB USA Nano-Structure Computation with Momentum Phase Ordering Kinetics Models
2139 Soohyun Bae Hanbat National University Korea Semilinear elliptic equations and the method of phase plane
2187 Lennard Bakker Brigham Young University USA Semiconjugacy of Quasiperiodic flows and Finite Index Subgroups of Multiplier Groups
2391 Guillaume Bal Columbia University USA Detection in highly cluttered environment using Time Reversal
2574 Peter Bates Michigan State University USA Nonlocal Evolution Equations
2601 Peter Bates Michigan State University USA The Nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard Equation
2639 Peter Baxendale University of Southern California USA Random sources and sinks for stochastic dynamical systems
2462 John Baxley Wake Forest University USA Higher Order Boundary Value Problems with Multiple Solutions
2289 John Beatty Clark Atlanta University USA A Generalized Harmonic Oscillator Having Angular Frequency Depending Quadratically on the Velocity*
2167 Yasar Becerikli Kocaeli University, Turkey Turkey On Three Nonlinear Systems: Dynamic Neural, Fuzzy and Wavelet Networks For Training Trajectories
2443 Zoulikha Belhadj IRD-Centre de Recherche d'Ile-de-France France Existence Theorem for a Nonlinear Elliptic Population System
2196 Boris Belinskiy University of Tennessee at Chattanooga USA Exact controllability of a string: new developments
2064 Huseyin Bereketoglu Ankara University Turkey Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of Linear Difference Systems with Delays
2538 Faina Berezovskaya Math. Department Howard University USA Bifurcations of automodel solutions of the Fokker-Plank Equation. Applications to the modeling of genome dynamical evolution
2373 Chris Bernhardt Fairfield University USA Sharkovsky's theorem for trees.
2286 Thomas Bewley UC San Diego USA A fundamental heat flux limitation in incompressible channel flow
2348 Rajat Bhatnagar Stanford University USA Equilibrium Configurations of an Infinite Cylinder in an Unbounded Fluid
2147 Lora Billings Montclair State University USA Noisy chaotic dynamics
2408 Anjan Biswas Tennessee State University USA Optical Solitons with saturable law nonlinearity
2477 Animikh Biswas University of North Carolina-Charlotte USA Local Existence and Gevrey Regularity of 3-D Periodic Navier-Stokes Equations with $\ell_p$ initial data.
2142 Denis Blackmore Dept. of Math. Sciences/NJIT USA Stable Configurations of Coaxial VortexRings
2666 Jerry Bona University of Illinois at Chicago USA Two and Three Dimensional Water Waves
2115 Alexey Borisov Institute of Computer Science, Udmurt State University Russia New periodic solutions in vortex dynamics on a plane and a sphere and celestial mechanics analogies
2493 David Bortz Department of Mathematics; University of Michigan USA Information Theory-Based Selection of Mathematical Models of HIV Infection Dynamics
2103 Mohamed Boudjelkha Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA Extented Riemann Bessel Functions
2316 Muriel Boulakia Universite de Versailles France Existence of a weak solution for a fluid-structure interaction problem
2446 John Bowman University of Alberta Canada Local vs. Nonlocal Enstrophy Transfer in Two-Dimensional Turbulence
2592 Romulus Breban Department of Biomathematics at David Geffen School of Medicine, University of California, Los Angeles USA New criteria for evaluating the HIV therapeutic benefit of the NNRTI/NRTI regimen class from an ODE model of HIV
2544 lia bronsard McMaster University Canada Giant vortex and the breakdown of strong pinning in a rotating Bose--Einstein condensate
2640 Lia Bronsard McMaster University Canada Vortices and lower critical field for a Ginzburg--Landau model ofsuperconductivity and ferromagnetism
2296 Eric Brown Princeton University USA On the phase reduction and response dynamics of neural oscillator populations
2195 Oscar Bruno Caltech USA New high-order, high-frequency methods in computational electromagnetism
2061 Amarjit Budhiraja University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill USA Stochastic Singular Control with State Constraints
2127 Xavier Buff Universit\'{e} Paul Sabatier France The Bruno function continuously approximates the size of quadratic Siegel disks
2003 Tolibjon Buriyev Samarkand State University Uzbekistan Bifurcation Study of Self-Oscillatory and Chaos Regimes in Three Dimensional Models of the Predator-Prey Systems
2654 Robert Burton Oregon State University USA Symbolic Dynamics, Entropy and Computations
2042 Anna Maria Candela Universita' di Bari Italy A Bolza--type problem in a Static Spacetime
2043 Anna Maria Candela Universita' di Bari Italy Nonsmooth techniques applied to an $n$--Laplacian problemwith one--sided exponential growth
2575 Emmanuel Candes Caltech USA Geometric multiscale analysis and hyperbolic partial differential equations: theory and potential for scientific computing
2648 Emmanuel Candes Caltech USA Robust Uncertainty Principles: Exact Signal Reconstruction from Highly Incomplete Frequency Information
2225 Robert Cantrell The University of Miami USA Density dependent behavior at habitat boundaries and the Allee effect
2233 Zhen Chao Cao Dept.of Math., Xiamen University, P.R.China Peoples Rep of China About a guess to a critical value for global nonexistence theorem of a wave equation
2153 Timoteo Carletti Scuola Normale Superiore Italy Some numerical experiment concerning the Marmi-Moussa-Yoccoz conjecture
2022 Dean Carlson The University of Toledo/Mathematical Reviews USA Finding Open-Loop Nash Equilibrium for Variational Games
2614 Ricardo Carretero San Diego State University USA Vortex Lattices in nonlinear media: a Molecular Dynamic Approach.
2527 Radu Cascaval University of Colorado at Colorado Springs USA Asymptotic Behavior of Waves in Excitable Media
2525 Radu Cascaval University of Colorado at Colorado Springs USA Nonlinear dispersive equations on trees
2423 Hector Ceniceros University of California Santa Barbara USA Computing Flows with Immersed Free Boundaries: Full Adaption and a Fast, Local Fluid Indicator
2026 Jyoti Champanerkar New Jersey Institute of Technology USA Pitchfork Bifurcations of Invariant Manifolds
2251 W. Y. Chan Southeast Missouri State University USA A Degenerate Semilinear Parabolic Problem with a Nonlocal Source
2332 Hei-Chi Chan University of Illinois at Springfield USA The Asymptotic Growth Rate of Random Fibonacci-Type Sequences
2194 Yong-Zhuo Chen University of Pittsburgh at Bradford USA Asymptotic fixed points for nonlinear contractions
2276 Hongqiu Chen The University of Memphis USA Periodic travelling waves of Boussinesq- type system of equations
2383 Fengxin Chen University of Texas at San Antonio USA Spectral analysis of traveling waves for nonlocal evolution equations
2392 Zhangxin Chen Southern Methodist University USA New Technology in Reservoir Simulation
2394 Zhangxin Chen Southern Methodist University USA Parallel Computation for Multicomponent, Multiphase Fluid Flow
2619 Yongkang Chen Portland State University USA The Shape and Stability of Wall-Bound Drops and Bubbles Pinned Along Straight Edges
2562 Arnaud Cheritat Universite Paul Sabatier France Parabolic explosion and the size of Siegel disks
2305 Jann-Long Chern National Central University Taiwan Structure of the Set of Regular and Singular Radial Solutions for Scalar Curvature Equation
2344 Alexey Cheskidov Indiana University USA On the laminar-to-turbulent boundary- layer transition.
2074 Carmen Chicone University of Missouri USA
2159 yung choi university of connecticut USA Moving Boundary Problem for a One-dimensional Crawling Nematode Sperm Cell Model
2502 Tom Chou UCLA USA On the reconstruction of current-voltage relationships from spike time intervals
2522 Yeojin Chung Los Alamos National Laboratory USA Radiation induced interaction of optical solitons in random media.
2561 laurent chupin Mathematiques Appliquees de Bordeaux France Viscoelastic mixtures through a Cahn-Hilliard flow model
2651 McCartney Clark UCSB USA
2636 Dominic Clemence NC A&T State University USA A Nonstandard Numerical Model for Carbon Monoxide Binding During Sickle Cell Polymer Dissociation
2237 Thierry Colin Universite Bordeaux 1 France Interaction of waves in Plasma Physics and Raman amplification.
2457 Rinaldo Colombo Università di Brescia Italy Traffic Flow Modelling and Managementthrough Conservation Laws
2504 Paul Concus University of California and LBNL USA Computational investigation of unusual behavior in certain capillary tubes
2658 Peter Constantin University of Chicago USA A Diffusive Lagrangian Formalism and Applications
2371 Monica Conti Politecnico di Milano Italy A regularity theory for optimal partition problems
2248 Chris Cosner University of Miami USA Some effects of changing the boundary conditions in diffusive Lotka- Volterra competition models
2190 Jean-Francois Coulombel Universite Lille 1 France Well-posedness of hyperbolic initial boundary value problems
2265 Maurice Courbage Universit\'{e} de Paris VII (Denis Diderot) France Directional Entropy and Traveling waves in Cellular automata
2118 Ethan Coven Wesleyan University USA Dynamics of some cellular automata defined on one-sided sequences
2140 Annalisa Crannell Franklin & Marshall College USA The topological entropy of a chaotic, non-mixing subshift
2291 Scott Crass CSU, Long Beach USA A family of critically-finite maps withsymmetry
2101 Casey Cremins University of Maryland USA A fixed point index defined in terms of the A-proper degree
2419 Casey Cremins University of Maryland USA A Semilinear Infante-Webb Spectrum
2166 Richard Creswick University of South Carolina USA Renormalization Group Theory of Critical Phenomena
2339 Daan Crommelin Courant Institute and Center for Atmosphere-Ocean Science, New York University USA Atmospheric regime transitions and heteroclinic cycles
2589 Rebecca Culshaw Clarke College USA A model of cell-to-cell spread of infection that includes a distributed time delay
2390 Radu Dascaliuc Texas A&M University USA On geometric relations between energy and enstrophy on the global attractor of 2D periodic Navier-Stokes equations
2610 Maarten De Hoop Colorado School of Mines USA Factorization of seismic inverse scattering operators
2058 Lisette de Pillis Harvey Mudd College USA Modeling Immune Response to Tumor Growth
2024 Edward Della Torre George Washington University USA Analysis and Simulations of MagneticMaterials
2397 Timothy DelSole George Mason University USA A Closure Theory of Quasigeostrophic Turbulence
2393 Jian Deng Caltech USA Instability of a class of vortex solutions for the NLS with cubic- qunitic type nonlinearity
2590 Dhanesh Kumar and Sapna Somani Dhanesh patel and Sapna Somani M S University of Baroda India Wavelet-Galerkin Solution of Elliptic Boundary Value Problem
2018 Toka Diagana Howard University USA Existence and Uniqueness of Almost Periodic Solutions
2036 Arnold Dikansky St. John's University USA FitzHugh-Nagumo Equations in the Nonhomogeneous Medium
2111 Zhonghai Ding University of Nevada, Las Vegas USA Traveling waves in a suspension bridge system
2616 Zhonghai Ding University of Nevada Las Vegas USA Nonlinear elliptic sine-Gordon equation
2617 Yanheng Ding Chinese Academy of Sciences Peoples Rep of China Deformations on non-metrizable vector spaces and applications to critical point theory
2652 Matthew Drescher Waterloo Canada
2097 Valerii Driuma IMI AS Moldova, research scientists Moldova
2087 Bau-Sen Du Academia Sinica Taiwan On the invariance of Li-Yorke chaos of interval maps
2633 Joshua Du Kennesaw State University USA Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Waves in Supersonic Multiple Jets
2573 Freddy Dumortier Limburgs Universitair Centrum Belgium Rigorous approach to cocoon bifurcation in 3-dimensional reversible vector fields
2067 Akhtam Dzhalilov Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Samarkand State University Uzbekistan On Piecewise Smooth Maps of a Circle
2141 Yalchin Efendiev Texas A&M University USA Numerical homogenization of nonlinear partial differential equations and its applications
2542 abdallah el hamidi laboratoire de mathematiques et applications France Dynamic of the Nehari manifold and nonlocal multiplicity results in nonlinear critical problems
2001 Mahmoud El-Borai Alexandria University Egypt On some fractional differential equations in the Hilbert space
2128 Mohamed El-Gebeily King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals Saudi Arabia Regular Approximation of the Variational Forms Associated with Singular Self-Adjoint Ordinary Differential Equations
2665 Alan Elcrat Wichita State University USA NUMERICAL RESULTS FOR FLOATING DROPS
2250 Nathaniel Emerson CSU Channel Islands USA Return times of polynomials are meta-Fibonacci numbers
2099 YOMBA Emmanuel University of Ngaoundéré /Faculty of Sciences Cameroon On explicit exact solutions for the Liénard equation and its application to the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
2148 Selim Esedoglu UCLA USA Aspects of Total Variation Regularized $L^1$ Function Approximation
2029 Jorge Esquivel-Avila UAM Azcapotzalco Mexico Dynamics of a Nonlinear Evolution Equation
2513 Kellie Evans California State University, Northridge USA On the Universality of Bosco's Rule
2362 Gregory Eyink The Johns Hopkins University USA Mechanisms and Foundations of the DualCascade Picture of 2D Turbulence
2236 Corrado Falcolini Universita' Roma Tre Italy Analyticity domains of periodic orbits and invariant curves in area preserving maps
2570 Albert Fannjiang UC Davis USA White-Noise and Geometrical Optics Limits of Wigner-Moyal Equation for Wave Beams in Turbulent Media
2478 Albert Fannjiang UC Davis USA Radiative transfer and time reversal
2367 Mezouari fatima D\'[e}partement de Math\'{e}matiques, Facult\'{e} des Sciences Universit\'{e} de Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria Algeria A mathematical analysis of a fish size spectrum.
2326 Ibrahim Fatkullin Caltech USA A computational strategy for multiscale chaotic systems with applications to Lorenz 96 model
2376 Yuri Fedorov Department of Mathematics I, Politechnic university of Catalunya, Spain Spain Discrete nonholonomic systems on Lie groups
2019 Eduard Feireisl Mathematical Institute AVCR, Prague Czech Rep (Organizer of the Session SS39)
2655 Wei Feng University of North Carolina at Wilmington USA DYNAMICS IN DIFFUSIVE FOOD CHAIN SYSTEM WITH TIME DELAYS
2634 Xiaobing Feng The University of Tennessee USA Phase Field Models from Image Processing: Analysis and Numerical Approximations
2349 Alexander Figotin University of California at Irvine USA Maxwell Equations in Nonlinear Inhomogeneous Media
2163 Marek Fila Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia Slovak Rep Grow-up rate of solutions for asupercritical semilineardiffusion equation
2368 Marek Fila Comenius University Slovak Rep Rate of convergence to equilibria of a semilinear parabolic equation
2429 Robert Finn Stanford University USA The capillarity problem for compressible fluids.
2622 Patrick Fischer MAB, Universite Bordeaux 1 France Wavelet and Cosine packets decompositions for the analysis of 2D turbulence
2242 Ruben Flores-Espinoza Universidad de Sonora Mexico
2084 Matteo Franca University of Florence Italy Radial Ground States and Singular Ground States for quasilinear elliptic equations in the subcritical case.
2374 Daniel Franco Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia Spain Existence of positive periodic solutions for a nonlinear functional integral equation
2170 Michael Frankel IUPUI USA Mode locking for free-interface dynamics in periodic media
2626 Henryk Fuks Brock University Canada Number-conserving probabilistic cellular automata
2571 Isamu Fukuda Kokushikan University Japan Uniqueness Rsults for Semilinear Parabolic Problems with Localized Reaction
2424 Frederico Furtado University of Wyoming USA A renormalization-group algorithm for the numerical calculation of self-similar dynamics
2516 Frederic Gabern Caltech / Universitat de Barcelona USA Dynamics about an asteroid pair
2583 Stefano Galatolo Universita' di Pisa Italy Quantitative recurrence, complexity andlocal dimension.
2213 Cedric Galusinski MAB, University Bordeaux 1 France Water-gas flows in porous media
2357 Suman Ganguli University of California San Francisco USA Models of granuloma formation and the immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
2161 Carlos Garcia-Cervera UCSB USA Micromagnetics Simulations in Multilayers
2531 Carlos Garcia-Cervera UCSB USA Mathematical Models of Liquid Crystals
2010 Leszek Gasinski Jagiellonian University Poland Nonlinear Hemivariational Inequalities with Eigenvalues near Zero
2185 Filippo Gazzola Politecnico di Milano (Italy) Italy Some remarks on biharmonic elliptic problems with positive, increasing and convex nonlinearities
2635 William Geller Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA Threshold dynamics on random andnon-random graphs
2637 William Geller Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA Cellular automata and amenability
2670 Raju George University of Delaware USA Trajectory Controllability of Nonlinear Integro-differential System
2476 Lukas Geyer University of Michigan USA Siegel discs of polynomials and the Brjuno condition
2239 Marian Gidea Northeastern Illinois University USA Topological methods in the large gap problem
2146 Petr Girg University of West Bohemia Czech Rep Fredholm Alternative for the $p$- Laplacian and its consequences
2130 Pedro Gir\~{a}o Instituto Superior T\'{e}cnico Portugal A family of sharp inequalities forSobolev functions
2536 Eleftherios Gkioulekas University of Washington USA On the robustness of the cascades of two dimensional turbulence
2299 Olivier Goubet Universite de Picardie Jules Verne France Long time asymptotic behavior of dissipative Boussinesq systems
2460 Arnaud Goullet New Jersey Institute of Technology USA Microfluidic Mixing Using Time Pulsing
2490 John Graef University of Tennessee at Chattanooga USA Positive Solutions of Nonlinear Third Order Boundary Value Problems
2492 John Graef University of Tennessee at Chattanooga USA Some New Limit-Point/Limit-Circle Results for Emden-Fowler Equations
2117 Maurizio Grasselli Politecnico di Milano Italy Hyperbolic relaxation of the viscous Cahn-Hilliard equation in 3-D
2186 Roman Grigoriev Georgia Institute of Technology USA Chaotic Mixing in Microdroplets
2108 Ellina Grigorieva Texas Woman's University USA Optimal Control of a Commercial Credit Repayment Plan
2016 Hans-Christoph Grunau Otto-von-Guericke-Universitaet Magdeburg Germany On a conditioned Brownian motion and amaximum principle onthe disk
2518 Abba Gumel University of Manitoba Canada Modelling the Impact of Vaccination on Disease Control
2283 Jong-Shenq Guo National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan Entire Solutions of Some Reaction- diffusion Equations
2284 Jong-Shenq Guo National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan Blowup behavior for a nonlinear parabolic equation
2458 Daniel Guo University of North Carolina at Wilmington USA Semi-Lagrangian Spectral Model of Shallow Water Equations with Time- Dependent Variable Resolution
2066 Chaitan Gupta University of Nevada, Reno USA Multi-point Boundary Value Problems involving a p-Laplacian type Operator for Ordinary Differential Equations.
2644 Istvan Gyori University of Veszprem Hungary Sharp stability conditions for state- dependent delay differential equations
2333 Thomas Hagen The University of Memphis USA Analysis of Fiber and Film Flow
2275 Radu Haiduc Cornell University USA Proving the existence of chaos in the forced van der Pol equation
2510 Scott Hansen Iowa State University USA Exact Controllability of MultilayerSandwich Beam and Plate Systems
2452 Ferenc Hartung University of Veszprem, Hungary Hungary On differentiability of solutions of state-dependent FDEs with respect to parameters
2282 Takahiro Hashimoto Ehime University Japan Nonexistence of positive solutions of quasilinear elliptic equations with singularity on the boundary in strip-like domains
2631 Wayne Hayes University of Maryland, College Park USA Shadowing Galaxy Simulations
2234 Min He Kent State University Trumbull Campus USA Integrodifferential Equations with Memory
2063 Johnny Henderson Baylor University USA First order impulsive dynamic equations on time scales
2369 Riccardo Hertel Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics Germany Finite element modelling of ferromagnetic nanostructures
2292 Georg Hetzer Auburn University USA The Dynamics of Energy Balance Models
2256 Gregory Hicks AFRL/VSSV USA Application of Moving Frame Dynamics in a Lagrangian Setting
2080 Bahrom Hidirov Institute of Cybernetics Uzbekistan The qualitative analysis of the differential equations for cancer genetic mechanisms
2082 Mohiniso Hidirova National University of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the function- differential equations of arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death
2056 David Hoff Indiana University USA Compressible flow with rough boundaries
2180 George Homsy Mechanical Engineering, UCSB USA Viscous Fingering with in-situ Production of Surfactants
2181 George Homsy Mechanical Engineering, UCSB USA Three Dimensional Mixing in Drops driven by Electrical Stresses
2319 Mikl\'os Horv\'ath Budapest University of Technology and Economics Hungary \documentclass[12pt]{amsart} \begin{document} \centerline{\bf Distribution of the eigenvalues of Sturm- Liouville operators} \centerline{by
2017 Mohammad mahdi Hosseini Yazd University Iran Reducing Index Method for Differential Algebraic Equations
2129 Zhanyuan Hou London Metropolitan University England Asymptotic and Qualitative Behaviour of Differential Systems with Almost $C^1$ Vector Fields
2189 Peter Howard Texas A&M University USA Nonlinear stability of viscous shock waves arising in conservation laws with high order smoothing only
2184 Cheng-Hsiung Hsu National Central University, Taiwan Taiwan Traveling Wave Solutions of Delayed Cellular Neural Networks
2356 Sze-Bi Hsu Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan Taiwan A Diffusive Predator-Prey Model: From Homogeneous to Heterogeneous Environment
2564 Changbing Hu Texas A&M University USA Asyptotic analysis of Primitive Equations under small depth assumption
2395 Qingbo Huang Dept of Math & Stat, Wright State Univ, Dayton, OH 45435 USA On the normal mapping of reflector surfaces
2672 Ying Huang Pace University USA Stabilities on Delayed Cellular Neural Networks
2403 Alfred Hubler University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA Accurate time discrete order parameter dynamics for nonlinear time continuous systems with many degrees of freedom
2301 Juraj Huska University of Minnesota USA The principal Floquet bundle and exponential separation for linear parabolic equations.
2226 Seok Hwang University of Southern California USA Kinetic decomposition of approximate solutions to conservation laws
2235 Jenn-Fang Hwang Academia Sinica Taiwan On uniqueness theorems for the minimal surface equation
2076 Lev Idels Malaspina University Canada
2439 Gennaro Infante Universita' della Calabria Italy Eigenvalues and positive solutions ofODEs involving integral boundary conditions
2653 Hiroshi Inoue Ashikaga Institute of Technology Japan Magnetic Hydrodynamics Equatinos in the Movingboundary
2438 Michinori Ishiwata Waseda university Japan Existence of a stable set for some nonlinear parabolic equation involving critical Sobolev exponent
2342 Jon Jacobsen Harvey Mudd College USA Surfaces of Continua for Quasilinear Elliptic Equations
2347 Jon Jacobsen Harvey Mudd College USA Pattern dynamics for spatiotemporal models with growth and curvature
2407 Tunde Jakab University of Missouri - Columbia USA Parabolic boundary value problems in nonsmooth cylinders with data in Besov spaces.
2569 John Jaroma Austin College USA Explicit Results Pertaining to the Rank of Apparition of Primes of the Form 2^{k}p ± 1
2303 Kristian Jenssen North Carolina State University USA Instabilities in the Lax-Friedrichs and Godunov schemes for systems of conservation laws
2255 shuichi jimbo Hokkaido University Japan Spectra of domains with partial degeneration
2609 Thomas John UCSB USA Vortex dynamics with Lagrangian averaged Euler equations
2595 Michael Jolly Indiana University USA Kraichnan turbulence via finite timeaverages
2229 Don Jones Arizona State University USA Existence and Approximation of Invariant Manifolds for Nonlinear Evolution Equations
2037 Palle Jorgensen University of Iowa USA Some connection between operator algebras and quantum information theory.
2428 Kresimir Josic University of Houston USA Normal form and synchrony in networks
2169 L. Hector Juarez Departmento de Matematicas, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Mexico Numerical Simulation of the Motion of Elliptic Bodies in a Viscous Fluid
2015 Yoshitsugu Kabeya Department of Applied Mathematics, University of Miyazaki Japan Structure of positive solutions to an elliptic equation involving critical Sobolev exponent with the Robin condition
2281 Tomasz Kaczynski Universite de Sherbrooke Canada Pseudo-orbits and mv-maps
2032 Mohan Kadalbajoo Indian Institute of Technology,Kanpur,India India Fitted Methods for Boundary Value Problems for Singularly Perturbed Differential Difference Equations
2584 Vadim Kaloshin IAS, AIM, Caltech USA Dynamics of oil spill
2585 Vadim Kaloshin IAS, AIM, Caltech USA "Linear long time instability in high dimensional nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems (counterpart of Nekhoroshev stability estimates)"
2586 Vadim Kaloshin IAS, AIM, Caltech USA How often a surface diffeomorphism has infinitely many sinks?
2355 Yukio Kan-on Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Education, Ehime University Japan On the structure of positive stationary solutions for a weakly coupled parabolic system
2320 Shuya Kanagawa Musashi Institute of Technology Japan Euler-Maruyama Approximate Solution of Reflecting Fractional Brownian Motion Using Penalty Method
2576 Hans Kaper National Science Foundation USA Normal modes of spin excitations in magnetic nanoparticles
2568 Todd Kapitula University of New Mexico USA Inverse scattering and the linear stability of solitons
2134 Nikos Karachalios Department of Mathematics, University of the Aegean Greece Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Complex Discrete Evolution Equations
2533 Georgy Karev NIH USA Dynamics of Heterogeneous Populations and the Evolution of Distributions
2494 J\'{a}nos Karsai University of Szeged, Hungary Hungary Computer experiments and results for the behavior of oscillatory systems with nonlinearities in the damping
2092 Eric R. Kaufmann University of Arkansas at Little Rock USA Eigenvalue problems for a three-point boundary-value problem on a time scale
2461 Scott Kelly University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign USA Constrained Lagrangian and Hamiltonian Models for Fluid-Body Interactions
2278 Paula Kemp SMSU USA Characterization of Conditionally Complete Partially Ordered Sets
2515 Panayotis Kevrekidis University of Massachusetts, Amherst USA Solitary Wave Dynamics in Atomic and Optical Physics Problems: Some Case Examples of Recent Successes, Failures and Open Problems
2060 Ezzinbi Khalil Cadi Ayyad University Morocco Periodic solutions for some partial functional differential equations with infinite delay
2047 Chaudry Khalique North West University So Africa Approximate First Integrals of Divergence-Free Dynamical Systems in R^3
2123 Bharat Khushalani University of Southern California USA Platonic Solids Exhibit Hopf Bifurcation
2380 Bharat Khushalani University of Southern California USA The Dynamics of the N Point Vortices on a Sphere
2314 Junseok Kim University of California, Irvine USA Numerical simulation of cocontinuous morphology transition by shear flows
2591 Colleen Kirk California Polytechnic State Univ. USA Some Results Related to Blow-up and Quenching of a Nonlinear Integral Equation
2328 Eduard-Wilhelm Kirr University of Chicago, US USA On the Nonlinear Schroedinger Equation with time dependent coefficients
2466 Alexander Kiselev University of Wisconsin USA Quenching of combustion in fluid flow
2623 Harley Klein University of California at Santa Barbara USA Computational Studies of the Shear Flow Behavior of a Model for Liquid Crystalline Polymers
2354 Abel Klein University of California, Irvine USA Linear response theory for magnetic Schrodinger operators in disordered media
2473 Edgar Knobloch University of Leeds England Dynamics of nearly inviscid Faraday waves in almost circular containers
2430 Wonlyul Ko Korea University Korea On The Dynamics Of Ratio-dependent Food Chain Models
2191 Hans Koch The University of Texas at Austin, Department of Mathematics USA Critical invariant tori for Hamiltonianflows
2364 dmitri kondrashov University of California, Los Angeles USA Flow Regimes Reconstruction by a Nonlinear \\ Multi-Level Regression Model
2192 Lingju Kong Northern Illinois University USA Existence Results for Boundary Value Problems of Second- Order Differential Equations
2340 Philip Korman University of Cincinnati USA Uniqueness and exact multiplicity of solutions for non-autonomous Dirichlet problems
2384 Philip Korman University of Cincinnati USA On a two prey, one predator model.
2599 Valeriy Korostyshevskiy University of Maryland, Baltimore County USA Existence Result for the Stationary Problem of the Cahn-HilliardEquation: Rigorous Numerics
2285 Nickolai Kosmatov University of Arkansas at Little Rock USA Countably many solutions of fourth-order elastic beam equations
2620 Nickolai Kosmatov University of Arkansas at Little Rock USA Semipositone $m$-point boundary value problems
2053 Eugene Kramer University of Cincinnati USA
2537 Peter Kramer Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA Stochastic Mode Reduction in Complex Microfluid Systems
2400 Slava Krigman MIT / Lincoln Laboratory USA Boundary controllability of Maxwell'sequations with nonzeroconductivity inside a cube
2514 Miroslav Krstic University of California, San Diego USA Explicit solutions to wave equations arising in backstepping approach to boundary control for parabolic PDEs
2325 Nicolai Krylov University of Minnesota USA On the Rate of Convergence of Finite-difference Approximations for Bellman's Equations with Constant Coefficients
2421 YANG KUANG Arizona State University USA Delay Dependent Dynamics of A Stage Structured Predator-Prey Model
2370 Akisato Kubo Fujita Health University Japan Asymptotic behavior of the solution to a parabolic-ODE system modeling tumour growth
2554 Peter Kuchment Texas A&M University USA On some spectral problems of optical waveguides
2523 Igor Kukavica University of Southern California USA Spatial complexity of solutions of partial differential equations
2306 Krystyna Kuperberg Auburn University USA Flows with wild and 2-wild trajectories
2137 Kazuhiro Kurata Tokyo Metropolitan University Japan Patterns of stationary solutions for a certain reaction- diffusion model in disrupted environments.
2214 Petr Kurka Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University in Prague Czech Rep Particles and signals in cellular automata
2144 Kousuke Kuto Waseda University Japan Coexistence states for a prey-predator model with cross-diffusion
2254 Parker Lacour Texas Woman's University USA Complex dynamics of cellular automata
2459 Pauline Lafitte-Godillon Universite Lille 1 France necessary conditions of spectralstability for shock profiles of the Lax-Wendroff scheme
2274 Kunquan Lan Ryerson University Canada Properties of positive solutions and positive eigenvalues for $m$-point boundary value problems
2422 Kirk Lancaster Wichita State University USA On the behavior of CMC capillary surfaces in wedge domains
2638 Ruediger Landes Unioversity of Oklahoma USA Solutions of quasilinear elliptic systems with critical growth.
2241 David Lannes CNRS and Mab, Universite Bordeaux I France Well-Posedness of the Water-Waves Equations
2410 irena lasiecka university of virginia USA Nonlinear wave equations withnonmonotone damping and source term.
2411 irena lasiecka university of virginia USA Finite dimensional attractors in nonlinear thermoelasticity
2437 Corrado Lattanzio Dipartimento di Matematica Pura ed Applicata - Sezione di Matematica per l'Ingegneria, Universita' di L'Aquila Italy Structural properties of hyperbolic relaxation: from viscoelasticity with memory to polyconvex elastodynamics
2164 Eric Lauga Harvard University USA 3D flows in 2D geometries
2277 Monica Lazzo University of Bari, Italy Italy On the stability of low-energy equilibria for a class of nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations
2280 Monica Lazzo University of Bari, Italy Italy Large Solutions for a System of Elliptic Equations Arising from Fluid Dynamics
2177 Dung Le UTSA USA Global Existence for a Class of Strongly Coupled Parabolic Systems
2178 Dung Le UTSA USA Global Existence for a Class of Triangular Parabolic Systems on Domains of Arbitrary Dimension
2179 Dung Le UTSA USA Coexistence with Chemotaxis
2625 Catherine Lebiedzik Wayne State University USA Exact boundary controllability of a shallow intrinsic shell model
2297 Melvin Leok California Institute of Technology USA Generalized Galerkin Variational Integrators: Lie group, multiscale, and spectral methods.
2096 Emmanuel Leriche LIN-ISE-FSTI-Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland Switzerland Stokes eigenmodes in confined geometry, their dynamics and the vorticity-stream function correlation.
2269 Herbert Levine Univ. of California, San Diego USA Anomalous Population Size Effects in Multi- locus Evolution Models
2578 Mark Lewis Univ. of Alberta Canada Mathematical models for carnivore territories
2027 Jibin Li Professor in Kunming University of Science and Technology Peoples Rep of China Nonlinear travelling waves in hyperelastic rods with compressible Mooney-Rivlin material.
2050 Michael Li University of Alberta Canada Global Hopf Bifurcation in a Nicholson Blowflies Equation with Time Delay
2090 Chong Li Institute of Mathematics Peoples Rep of China Multiple solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations with Neumann boundary value for oscillation problems
2091 Yongqing Li Fujian Normal University Peoples Rep of China Multiplicity of solutions for a semilinear elliptic equation with indefinite linear part in $\mathbb{R}^N$
2232 Shujie Li , Academy of Mathematics & Systems Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Peoples Rep of China Splitting theorem, Poincare-Hopf theorem and jumping nonlinear problems
2252 Bai-Lian (Larry) Li University of California, Riverside USA Allee effect can enhance chaos in ecological systems
2341 Yue-Xian Li University of British Columbia Canada Synchrony of neural oscillators in a network with heterogeneous distribution of coupling strengths
2412 Bingtuan Li University of Louisville USA Limit cycles in the competition for three essential resources
2431 Jiaxu Li Arizona State University, Phoenix AZ 85287 USA The Dynamics Of Insulin Secretion: Rapid Oscillation and Ultradian Oscillation
2487 Aihua Li Loyola University New Orleans USA Constructing polynomial models of discrete time series - A linear algebra approach
2604 Xiaolin Li SUNY at Stony Brook USA Enhanced Front Tracking Method for the Computation of Discontinuous Structures in Fluid Dynamic
2629 Congming Li Univ. of Colorado USA Qualitative Propertiesof Solutions to a System of Integral Equations
2406 Gary Lieberman Iowa State University USA Some unusual regularity results for parabolic equations
2528 Sam Lightwood Western Connecticut State University USA Embedding Finite Extensions into $\mathbb Z^2$ almost square mixing SFTs.
2131 Chjan Lim RPI USA Variational Analysis of Energy- Enstrophy theories
2132 Chjan Lim RPI USA Principle of Minimum energy in vortex statistics in the unbounded plane
2645 Teck Lim George Mason University USA On the largest fixed pont of a commutative family of isotone maps
2577 Fanghua Lin Courant Institute USA Analysis on Oldroyd and Related Fluids Models
2005 Shida Liu School of physics, Peking University Peoples Rep of China Solitary wave and wavelet
2078 James Liu James Madison University USA Periodic Solutions in Fading Memory Spaces
2529 weishi liu University of Kansas USA Poisson-Nernst-Planck systems for narrow tubular-like membrane channels
2530 Weishi Liu University of Kansas USA Geometric singular perturbation approach to steady-state Poisson-Nernst-Planck systems
2378 Irene Livshits University of Central Arkansas USA Multigrid solver for the Schr\"{o}dinger eigenvalue problem
2486 James Lloyd-Smith UC Berkeley USA Transmission rates for disease models derived from a pair-based contact process
2563 Hector Lomeli ITAM-Mexico Mexico The shadowing rotation property of invariant sets for twist maps in higher dimensions.
2498 Sergey Lototsky University of Southern California USA Organizer of SS26
2539 john lowengrub university of california, irvine USA A surfactant-conserving volume-of- fluid method for interfacial flows with insoluble surfactant
2540 john Lowengrub university of california, irvine USA Adaptive simulations of multiphase flows
2135 Chunqing Lu Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville USA Bifurcation of similarity solutions to a boundary layer problem
2073 Roger Lui Worcester Polytechnic Institute USA (Organizer of the session SS18)
2612 Garving Luli Stanford University USA Radial Solutions to the Capillarity Problem for Compressible Fluids
2647 Tian Ma Indiana University & Sichuan University USA Dynamic bifurcation for the Benard Convection
2049 Priscilla Macansantos University of the Philippines Baguio Philippines On Quasi-optimization
2448 Oleg Makarenkov Voronezh State University, Department of Mathematics Russia An existence result for periodic solutions of nonlinear planar autonomous systems with small periodic perturbations via fixed point theory
2014 AMAR MAKHLOUF university of Annaba Algeria Limit cycles of Li\'{e}nard systems and applications.
2116 Ivan Mamaev Institute of Computer Science, Udmurt State University Russia Transition to chaos in vortex dynamics systems
2580 william margulies csulb USA
2581 caryl margulies uc,Irvine USA
2317 Stefano Marmi Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa Italy Real and Complex Brjuno functions
2313 Pau Martin Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Spain Hamiltonian systems with orbits coveringdensely submanifoldsof small codimension.
2381 Rogerio Martins Centro de Matematica e Aplicações Fundamentais Portugal Attractors of dissipative systems with a cylindrical phase space
2093 Waclaw Marzantowicz A. Mickiewicz University Poland Symmetry Breaking Solutions of Nonlinear Elliptic Systems
2366 Corrado Mascia Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza" Italy Hyperbolic systems with relaxation:dissipation vs. shock formation
2451 Kei Matsuura Waseda University Japan Asymptotic behavior of solutions for some nonlinear evolution equations
2500 Jonathan Mattingly Duke University USA Numerical Methods for the long time simulations of Stochastic Differential Equations
2503 Jonathan Mattingly Duke University USA The ergodic theory of DisipativeStochastic Partial Differential Equations
2511 Jonathan Mattingly Duke University USA Transfer of randomness across scales in the 2D Navier Stokes equations and model systems
2663 Dan Mauldin University of North Texas USA Images of Haar measure on the Cantor group under finite block code maps and homeomorphic product measures on the Cantor set
2253 John McCuan Georgia Institute of Technology USA On a new characterization of theClifford torus
2013 Rigoberto Medina Universidad de Los Lagos, Departamento de Ciencias Exactas Chile Solution Estimates For Abstract Nonlinear Difference Equations
2217 James Meiss University of Colorado USA Blinking Rolls: Mixing and Transport in a Model Flow
2218 James Meiss University of Colorado USA Drift by Coupling to an Anti-Integrable Limit
2104 Roderick Melnik Syddansk Universitet Denmark Multidimensional Phase Transitions and Dynamics of Shape Memory Alloy Patches
2105 Roderick Melnik Syddansk Universitet Denmark Quantum Dot Structures and NonlinearModels for TheirAnalysis and Computation
2125 HUSEYIN MERDAN UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH USA Renormalization Group Methods for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
2520 Igor Mezic University of California, Santa Barbara USA Statistical Takens theorem, harmonic analsis for the Koopman operatorand applications in modeling
2524 Igor Mezic University of Ca USA Some mathematical aspects of mixing theory and applications to microfluidic mixing
2288 Ronald Mickens Clark Atlanta University USA An Introduction to Nonstandard Finite Difference Schemes with Applications to the Biosciences
2052 Popescu Mihai Institute of Statistics and Applied Mathematics Romania Necessary Condition for Optimal Control in Singular Problems
2420 Remigijus Mikulevicius University of Southern California USA On classical solutions to Cauchy- Dirichlet problem in half-space for linear parabolic integro-differential equations
2551 emil minchev Waseda University Japan A Prey - Predator Model with Hysteresis Effect
2560 Feliz Minh\'{o}s University of \'{E}vora - Portugal Portugal Second Order Discontinuous Boundary Value Problems with One-Sided Nagumo Condition
2004 Alain Miranville Universit\'{e} de Poitiers France Finite-dimensional attractors for the Cahn-Hilliard equation with dynamic boundary conditions
2222 Michal Misiurewicz IUPUI USA Organizer of SS37
2182 Noriko Mizoguchi Tokyo Gakugei University Japan Behavior of solutions to a semilinear heat equation with supercritical nonlinearity
2471 Jeff Moehlis University of California Santa Barbara USA Canards: Examples from Chemistry and Biology
2475 Helen Moore American Institute of Mathematics USA An ODE model of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and drug-resistant mutations
2474 Helen Moore American Institute of Mathematics USA A host-pathogen ODE model of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML)
2114 Yoshihisa Morita Ryukoku University Japan Entire solutions to reaction-diffusion equations
2579 mohamed mounsef university France estimation of the spectral density of dynamics systems
2315 Marian Mrozek Jagiellonian University Poland The method of topological sections inthe rigorous numerics of dynamical systems
2661 Biodun Muhammed Lagos State Polythecnic Nigeria
2124 rustem mulyukov kazan state pedagogical university,kazan Russia methodology for static and dynamic analyses of dynamic simulation test benches
2556 Gaston N'Guerekata Morgan State University USA On the Existence of Almost Automorphic Solutions of some Nonlinear Evolution Equations
2335 Frank Nani Fayetteville State University NC USA Mathematical Modeling of HIV Pathodynamics
2323 Maria Grazia Naso Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita' di Brescia Italy Control problems in thermo-elasticity
2470 Joseph Nebus National University of Singapore Singapore Monte Carlo simulations of the energy-enstrophy-circulation model of inviscid fluid flow on a unit sphere with bounded regions
2038 John Neuberger Northern Arizona University USA The GNGA and Automated BifurcationBranch Following.
2379 Michael Neubert Biology Department, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution USA Optimal Harvesting and Marine Reserves
2205 Paul Newton University of Southern California USA Spectral dynamics of N-beads on a ring
2206 Paul Newton University of Southern California USA The dipole interaction model for incompressible flow
2207 Paul Newton University of Southern California USA Decomposing weather patterns: recent progress
2268 Qing Nie U. of California, Irvine USA Source of Robustness in Morphogen Diffusion Gradients
2336 Qing Nie U. of California, Irvine USA Dorsal-ventral Patterning during Embryo Development
2094 Hirokazu Ninomiya Ryukoku University Japan Global stability of traveling wave solutions in the Allen-Cahn equations
2247 Zbigniew Nitecki Tufts University USA Topological Entropy and Preimage Cardinality
2641 Viorel Nitica West Chester University of Pennsylvania USA Stable topological transitivity of non- compact extensions
2546 Monika Nitsche University of New Mexico USA Numerical simulations of inviscid capillary pinchoff
2007 Valery Nosov Instituto Politecnico Nacional, E.S.I.M.E. Mexico Stability Robustness for Rigid-Rotor Model of Journal Bearings.
2008 Valery Nosov Instituto Politecnoco Nacional, E.S.I.M.E. Mexico STABILITY OF SOME POLINOMIAL EQUATIONS WITH DELAY.
2483 Amy Novick-Cohen Dept. of Mathematics, Technion, Haifa Israel Some remarks on stability for a phase field model with memory
2555 Dmitry Novikov MSRI USA Quasialgebraicity of solutions of Fuchsian systems of ODEs
2249 Tomasz Nowicki IBM USA Newton's means
2120 Duane Nykamp University of Minnesota USA Exploiting "response geometry" to reveal neuronal network connections
2433 Natella O'Bryant University of California at Irvine USA Rate of the weak convergence of a stochastic stratified process.
2456 Michael Oczkowski Francis Marion University USA Low Dimensional Dynamics in the Atmosphere
2432 JungYong Oh Korea University Korea
2262 Hirokazu Ohya Waseda University Japan Multiple positive solutions for some semilinear elliptic equations with concave-convex nonlinearity
2491 robert omalley Univ. of Washington USA Using amplitude equation methods to asymptotically integrate nonlinear oscillator equations
2071 Georgii Omel'yanov University of Sonora Mexico interaction of kinks for semilinear wave equations with a small parameter
2566 Osaze Omokheyeke opencast polytechnic Nigeria
2360 Yury Orlov CICESE Research Center Mexico Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Hilbert Space-Valued Differential Equations with Discontinuous Right-Hand Side
2541 Stanley Osher UCLA USA Computing Multivalued Physical Observables for Wave and Schrodinger Equations
2552 Mitsuharu Otani Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan Japan Organizer of SS46
2034 Rachid Ouifki Institut of research and development, Bondy, France and Cadi Ayyad university, Marrakesh, Morocco. France Hopf Bifurcation for a class of Differential equations with Two Delays.
2198 Mohameden Ould Ahmedou Tuebingen/Bonn Universitaet Germany Energy and Morse index of Yamabe typeequations on thinannuli domains
2596 Seshadev Padhi Birla Institute of technology India Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of n-th Order Functional Differential Equations
2266 Dian Palagachev Dipartimento di Matematica, Politecnico di Bari Italy Second-order Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
2440 Simone Paleari Universita' di Milano Bicocca - Dipartimento di Matematica e Applicazioni Italy Equipartition times in Fermi--Pasta--Ulam system
2359 Ronghua Pan Georgia Institute of Technology USA Darcy's law in compressible flow through porous media
2442 Dr. Saroj Panigrahi Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore - 560 012 India Criteria for Disfocality and Disconjugacy for Third Order Differential Equations
2414 Boris Pavlov the University of Auckland New Zealand Modelling of Quantum Networks
2426 Natasa Pavlovic Institute for Advanced Study and Princeton University USA Dyadic models for the equations of fluid motion
2295 Jean-Claude Pedjeu The Johns Hopkins University USA Fundamental Properties of Stochastic Integro-Differential Equations: Existence, Uniqueness and Stochastic Properties
2045 Dmitry Pelinovsky McMaster University Canada Spectral stability of N-pulse solitons in KdV hierarchy
2488 Chuang Peng Morehouse College USA Minimum Degrees of Polynomial Models on Time Series
2151 Hana Petzeltova Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Czech Rep Long-time behavior of solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations of compressible flow
2434 Daniel Phillips Purdue University USA The Time Dependent Ginzburg Landau Equations in Three Dimensions
2121 Marcus Pivato Trent University, Department of Mathematics Canada Cellular Automata vs. Quasisturmian Shifts
2343 Peter Polacik University of Minnesota USA Symmetry properties of positivesolutions of parabolic equations
2346 Peter Polacik University of Minnesota USA Principal Floquet bundle and exponentialseparation for nonautonomous parabolicequations
2307 Peter Polyakov University of Wyoming USA On a boundary value problem in subsonic aeroelasticity.
2046 Mihaela Predescu Bentley College USA On the global character of a nonlinear difference equation
2244 Jean-Pierre Puel University of Versailles France Exact controllability for Navier Stokes Equations
2659 yuanwei QI dpeartment of mathematics, UCF USA A Strongly Coupled Predator-prey System with Non-monotonic Functional Response
2321 yuanwei Qi University of Central Florida USA The Global Self-similarity of A Chemical Reaction System with Critical Nonlinearity
2602 Yuanwei Qi university of central florida USA Steady States of a Strongly Coupled Prey--Predator Model
2548 Jianliang QIAN Mathematical Department, UCLA USA Numerical Methods for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations: Some Recent Progresses
2338 Rajeev Rajaram Iowa State University USA Controllability of the Mead-Markus Sandwich Beam Model
2211 Rafael Ramirez-Ros Universidad Polit\'{e}cnica de Catalu\H{n}a Spain Persistence of homoclinic orbits forbilliards insideperturbed ellipsoids
2469 Aaditya Rangan Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University USA Fast Algorithms for Neuronal Network Simulations
2210 Arni Rao Indian Institute of Science India A probability delay differential equation approach for HIV virus dynamics
2418 Diego Rapoport Universities of Quilmes and Buenos Äires, Argentina Argentina A stochastic differential geometry approach to the Schroedinger equation
2628 Diego Rapoport National Univ. of Quilmes and University of Buenos Aires Argentina THE RANDOM SYMPLECTIC AND DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY APPROACH TO THE NAVIER- STOKES EQUATIONS
2041 Victoria Rayskin UCLA USA Homoclinic Tangencies in ${\mathbb{R}}^n$
2553 Andrejs Reinfelds Institute of Mathematics, University of Latvia Latvia Equivalence of nonautonomous differential equations in a Banach space
2088 Michael Renardy Virginia Tech USA Are viscoelastic flows under control or out of control?
2532 Javier Ribon UCLA USA
2468 Emmanuel Risler Institut Non Lineaire de Nice France Axisymmetric capillary surfaces from a dynamical system viewpoint
2444 John Roberts School of Mathematics, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Australia Signatures of order, chaos and symmetry over finite fields
2550 Clark Robinson Northwestern USA Sybolic dynamics from topological crossings
2028 Elisabetta Rocca University of Milan (Italy) Italy Universal attractor for some phase transition systems of Penrose-Fife type
2261 Ana Rodrigues Dept. Matematica Pura, Oporto University Portugal Real $3x+1$
2643 Jesus Rodriguez North Carolina State University USA Periodicity in Nonlinear Second OrderDiscrete Dynamical Systems
2627 Jesus Rodriguez North Carolina State University USA Nonlinear Boundary Value Problemson Infinite Intervals
2482 Luis Roman Worcester Polytechnic Institute USA On Approximating Solutions of Elliptic Stochastic Partial Differential Equations.
2382 Shane Ross Caltech USA Connecting orbits and invariant manifolds in the spatial restricted three-body problem
2600 VASSILIS ROTHOS QUEEN MARY COLLEGE, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON England Travelling Breathers in Discrete NLS equation
2216 Arnaud Rougirel University of Poitiers France Anisotropic vs Isotropic Cahn-Hilliard-Gurtin Equation
2075 Victor Roytburd Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute USA Sharp-interface phase transformations in a thermo-elastic strip
2300 Rafael Ruggiero Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, PUC-RJ Brazil Shadowing of geodesics, weak stability of the geodesic flow and Gromov hyperbolicity
2040 David Russell Virginia Tech USA Control of an axially moving tape/beam system
2388 Steven Ruuth Simon Fraser University Canada Level Set Methods For Adaptive Grids
2334 KIMUN RYU University of Minnesota USA On the predator-prey systems with ratio-dependent functional response
2081 Mahruy Saidalieva Institute of Cybernetics Uzbekistan Mathematical Modeling of Cell Population.
2035 Addolorata Salvatore Università degli Studi di Bari Italy Periodic orbits in a Riemannian manifold and applications to Gravitational Waves
2025 Evelyn Sander George Mason University USA A Three-Dimensional Crisis: Crossing Bifurcations and Unstable Dimension Variability
2294 Sivapragasam Sathananthan Tennessee State University USA Convergence and Stability of Stochastic Hereditary Discrete-Time Iterative Processes
2467 David Sauzin CNRS - IMCCE, Paris France Asymptotic behaviour of the linearization at resonances
2375 Stephen Schecter North Carolina State University USA Stability of self-similar solutions of the Dafermos regularization of a system of conservation laws
2279 Paul Schmidt Auburn University USA On the Well-Posedness of Certain Initial-Boundary Value Problems Arising in Fluid Dynamics
2308 Maria Schonbek University of California Santa Cruz USA Far field behaviour of solutions to the 2D-Geostrophic equations
2611 Maria Schonbek UCSC USA Decay of Geostrophic equations
2264 Thomas Schrefl Vienna University of Technology Austria Simulation tools for magnetic recording systems
2100 Henri Schurz Southern Illinois University at Carbondale USA Weak Convergence of Balanced ImplicitMethods for Systems of It{\^{o}}-type StochasticDifferential Equations withVariable Step Sizes
2501 Henri Schurz Southern Illinois University at Carbondale USA Dissipation of Mean Energy ofDiscretized Linear Oscillators underRandom Perturbations
2507 Henri Schurz Southern Illinois University at Carbondale USA A martingale approach to almost sureasymptotic stability of nonlinearstochastic difference equations in $R^1$with bounded noise
2188 Ira Schwartz Naval Research Laboratory USA Multi-scale continuum mechanics: Fromglobal bifurcations to noise inducedhigh dimensional chaos
2318 Paolo Secchi Dipartimento di Matematica, Universita` di Brescia, Italy Italy On compressible vortex sheets in two space dimensions
2499 Samuel Senti Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA Equilibrium States for Unimodal Maps
2588 Claudio Serpico University of Napoli Italy Nonlinear Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert Magnetization Dynamics in Uniformly Magnetized Bodies
2402 Banavara Shashikanth New Mexico State University USA Symmetries and Poisson brackets for the Hamiltonian system of a rigid body+ideal fluid
2171 wenxian shen Auburn University USA Organizer of SS11
2302 Qin Sheng University of Dayton USA On Certain Split Solitary Wave Equation Solvers
2271 Junping Shi College of William and Mary USA Diffusive harvesting model and anti- maximum principle
2272 Junping Shi College of William and Mary USA Diffusive population models with Allee effect
2350 LieJune shiau University of Houston-Clear Lake USA Treatment on Enhanced Friction Constrained Motion
2089 Andrey Shilnkov gsu USA
2377 Stephen Shipman Louisiana State University USA Existence of Modes in Periodic Waveguides
2260 Ken Shirakawa School of Information Environment, Tokyo Denki University Japan Large-time behavior for solid-liquid phase transition models with anisotropic effects
2208 Ratnasingham Shivaji Mississippi State University USA An existence result on positive solutions for a class of p-Laplaciansystems
2481 R. Showalter Oregon State University USA The interface of a poroelastic medium with viscous fluid or elastic solid
2102 Marianna Shubov Texas Tech University USA Some controllability results on the ground vibrations of an aircraft wing model.
2240 Petra Sindelarova Auburn University, Alabama USA On maps with zero topological entropy
2587 Irina Sivergina Oakland University USA Exact null controllability in quasi- static thermoelastic contact
2365 Knut Solna UC Irvine USA Random Perturbations in some Financial Applications
2557 Knut Solna UC Irvine USA Imaging of Extended Targets
2565 sapna somani M.S.University of Baroda India Numerical Simulation for Ferroresonant Circuit
2243 Helen Song University of Chicago USA Controlling Chemical Systems in Time Using Microfluidics
2337 Andrew Sornborger University of Georgia USA Cortical Vasomotion and Sensory Stimulation: A System of Strongly Coupled Oscillators
2165 Richard Sowers Dept. of Mathematics, University of Illinois USA Random Perturbations of Pseudoperiodic Flows
2667 Michael Spurr East Carolina University USA
2212 Marco Squassina Politecnico di Milano Italy Unbounded critical points for a class of lower semicontinuous functionals
2506 Todd Squires Caltech USA Induced-charge electrokinetic phenomena in microfluidics
2465 Roman Srzednicki Jagiellonian University Poland Isolating segments, chains, and the shadowing property
2133 Milena Stanislavova University of Kansas USA On the global attractor for the damped BBM equation
2107 Ulisse Stefanelli IMATI - CNR Italy Phase transitions with micro-movements
2567 Peter Sternberg Indiana University USA Asymptotic Analysis of a Ginzburg- Landau Model Capturing Weak Links
2070 Gerhard Strohmer University of Iowa USA About the Stability of Gas Balls underthe Influence oftheir own Gravity
2455 Abraham Stroock Cornell University USA Designing Microfluidic Vascular Networks
2436 Ning Su Tsinghua University Peoples Rep of China
2158 Mike Sullivan Southern Illinois University - Carbondale USA Twistwise flow equivalence
2450 Tong Sun Bowling Green State University USA Long time error estimation in dynamical system simulation
2201 Philip Sura NOAA-CIRES Climate Diagnostics Center USA A Stochastic Perspective on Atmospheric Regime Behavior
2572 Ryuichi Suzuki Kokushikan University Japan Universal bounds for quasilinear parabolic equations with convection
2650 David Swanson University of Louisville USA
2126 Peter Takac Universitaet Rostock, Germany Germany Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions to\\ the Cauchy Problem for theEquation\vspace*{2mm}\\ $u_t = (\log u)_{xx} + u$
2447 Kyoji Takaichi Waseda University Japan Upper Bounds of Global Solutions for Some Semilinear Parabolic Equations
2227 Steven Taliaferro Texas A&M University USA Isolated Singularities of NonlinearGeometric Elliptic Equations
2472 Louis Tao Dept of Mathematical Sciences, New Jersey Institute of Technology USA The Dynamics of Fluctuation-Driven Neuronal Networks
2345 Hossein Tehrani UNLV USA On a Resonant Schrodinger Equation with Unbounded Nonlinearity
2660 Hossein Tehrani UNLV USA Some recent results on indefinite Schrodinger equations
2372 Lourdes Tello Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain On a Climate Model with Dynamical and Diffusive Boundary Conditions.
2223 Horst Thieme Arizona State University USA Asymptotic speeds of spread and traveling waves for integral equations and delayedreaction ?diffusion models
2219 Diana Thomas Montclair State University USA Iterations of Linear Maps over Finite Fields
2220 Diana Thomas Montclair State University USA Math Models on a Time Scale
2221 Diana Thomas Montclair State University USA Nim-induced Dynamical Systems on $\Bbb Z_2$
2489 Jianjun Tian Mathematics department, University of California, Riverside USA Colored Coalescent Theory
2267 Burt Tilley Olin College of Engineering USA On stability and undercompressive shocksin gas-liquid countercurrent flow in aninclined channel.
2398 Ilya Timofeyev University of Houston USA Underlying deterministic dynamics in noisy systems
2310 Bourama Toni Virginia State University USA Cyclicity of Isochronous Period Annuluswith a Birational DarbouxLinearization
2505 Chuong Tran University of Alberta Canada Inverse versus direct cascades in $\alpha$ turbulence
2597 Ray Treinen Wichita State University USA Floating Drops and Functions of Bounded Variation
2517 Joseph Tribbia NCAR USA The predictability of two-dimensional and quasi-geostrophic turbulence
2669 ROBERTO TRIGGIANI UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA USA Boundary stabilization of the Navier- Stokes equations
2668 ROBERTO TRIGGIANI UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA USA SS05: Internal stabilization of Navier- Stokes equations by finte dimensional controllers
2009 Arun Tripathy Bapatla Engineering College,Bapatla India Oscillation of a class of superlinear neutral difference equations of higher order
2389 Richard Tsai Princeton University USA Disretizations of Delta Functions in Level Set Methods
2077 Eduard Tsekanovskii Niagara University, USA USA Linear systems with Schr\"odinger operator and their transfer functions
2224 Chrysoula Tsogka Mathematics Department/Stanford University USA Interferometric array imaging in clutter
2230 Ka-Kit Tung University of Washington USA On 2D and QG Turbulence, An Introduction
2263 Janos Turi UT Dallas USA Stability, Instability in Differential Equations with State-Dependent Delays
2673 Shyuh-yaur Tzeng Department of Mathematics, National Changhua University of Education, Changhua, Taiwan, R.O.C. Taiwan Connecting orbits of periodic Hamiltonian systems
2480 Robert Uglesich Mount Sinai School of Medicine USA Multiphoton Intrinsic Fluoresence Imaging Technique for Studies of Cortical Functional Architecture
2386 Gunther Uhlmann University of Washington USA Travel Time Tomography
2143 Michio Urano Waseda University Japan Transition layers and spikes for a reaction-diffusion equation with bistable nonlinearity
2608 Dmitri Vainchtein University of California Santa Barbara USA On control of vortex patches: theory and simulations.
2630 Dmitri Vainchtein University of California Santa Barbara USA Resonance-induced streamline chaos and mixing in Stokes flows
2496 Erik Van Vleck University of Kansas USA The Effect of Discretization on Traveling Wave Solutions of Bistable Partial Differential Equations
2497 Erik Van Vleck University of Kansas USA Spatially Discrete FitzHugh-Nagumo Equations
2051 Vladimir Varlamov University of Texas - Pan American USA Generation of Surface Water Waves by Moving Boundaries
2145 Vladimir Varlamov University of Texas - Pan American USA Eigenfunction Expansion Method and Damped Nonlinear Oscillations of ElasticMembranes
2238 Jordi Villanueva Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya Spain Quantitative estimates on the size ofHerman rings of thecomplex standard family usinggeometrical and numerical methods
2204 Thomas Vogel Texas A&M University USA Liquid bridges between spheres
2582 Quoc Phong Vu Ohio University USA On stability and asymptotic behavior of degenerate evolution equations
2427 Jesenko Vukadinovic University of Wisconsin USA Regularity and Dissipativity in GevreyClasses for Solutions of a SmoluchowskiEquation
2079 Frederic Wan University of California, Irvine USA Morphogen Gradients and Tissue Patterning
2011 Hwai-chiuan Wang NTHU Taiwan Stability and symmetric breaking of solution of semilinear elliptic equations
2062 Shin-Hwa Wang Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University, TAIWAN Taiwan Explicit necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a dead core solution of a p-Laplacian steady-state reaction-diffusion problem
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