AIMS 2018 Meeting, 2018 Taipei Taiwan

Title:  Mathematical Modeling and Computation in Medical Research
Name: Affiliation: Country: Email Address:
Wing-Cheong Lo
City University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Wenrui Hao
Penn State University
Huijing Du
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Mathematical and computational models have been successfully applied in the medical research, including studying infectious diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, cardiovascular diseases etc. These mathematical and computational models often involve the etiology and pathophysiology of various diseases, therefore the results of these mathematical models will provide the insightful information for medical researchers and clinicians such as evaluating further medical experiments and developing new therapies. In this special session, we will focus on recent studies of mathematical and computational models in medical research, and will also discuss the applications of mathematical modeling techniques to the large medical data.