SS68 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Rate-dependent and rate-independent evolution problems in continuum mechanics: Analytical and numerical aspects
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Giuliano Lazzaroni
SISSA, Trieste
Marita Thomas
Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics, Berlin
In recent years, energetic criteria have been extensively used to study processes of both rate-dependent and -independent type. This session will illustrate different variational approaches to evolution problems arising mainly from continuum mechanics. Such problems lead to systems of nonlinear partial differential equations, often involving non-smooth constraints. Special focus will be given to different notions of quasistatic, viscous, gradient flows as well as inertial dynamic evolutions, and to their relationships. Analytical and numerical results will be discussed and compared for these different notions. Several fields of applications will be taken into account, such as damage, fracture, dislocations, plasticity, phase separation. Moreover, models arising in other fields of application, which can be treated with comparable techniques, will also be addressed.
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