SS66 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Mathematical Oncology
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Alexander R. A. Anderson
Integrated Mathematical Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, FL
Cancer is a complex, multiscale process, in which genetic mutations occurring at a subcellular level manifest themselves as functional changes at the cellular and tissue scale. We believe that such a complex system can only truly be understood via the integration of theory and experiments. Therefore mathematical oncology is focused on integrating mathematical and computational modeling approaches with experimental and clinical data to better understand cancer growth and development and to translate this understanding into novel therapies. Since there is no single right model of cancer, in fact by definition all cancer models are wrong, we utilize a diverse portfolio of mathematical and computational approaches that cover the gamut of biological scales. The aim of this session will be to showcase this diversity, with a clear focus on data driven models that have direct translational potential.