SS56 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Junior session on nonlinear hyperbolic equations and related topics
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Laura Spinolo
Fabio Cavalletti
University of Pavia
Hyperbolic systems of conservation laws are a class of nonlinear partial differential equations with several applications coming from both physics and engineering. In particular, the archetype are the Euler equations of fluid dynamics. The mathematical understanding of this class of equations is complicated by the presence of highly nonlinear phenomena, like the fact that, in general, classical solution can breakdown in finite time owing to the formation of shocks. In recent years, the analysis of system of conservation laws has taken great advantage from the interplay with different but closely related fields, like geometric measure theory, convex integration, and others. This session aims at gathering young mathematicians working on nonlinear hyperbolic equations and related topics, in order to present some of the most recent developments of the theory and favour scientific interactions.