SS51 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Advances in Population Dynamics and Epidemiology
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Necibe Tuncer
Florida Atlantic University
Maia Martcheva
University of Florida
Hayriye Gulbudak
Georgia Institute of Technology
This special session will bring together researchers, who are experts and at the heart of the areas of mathematical biology, and students to share ideas and methods for mathematical modeling, analysis, and simulations related to biological systems. It will allow for discussion of pressing topics and exchange of novel ideas. It is expected that the session will lead to the development of mathematical theory for biological dynamics. Potential topics of interest include population dynamics, pathogen-immune system dynamics, and infectious disease epidemiology. The purpose of the special session is to address recent advances of mathematical methods used to study these focal areas and discuss a wide range of topics: computational, mathematical and statistical.
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