SS21 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Bifurcations and Asymptotic Analysis of Solutions of Nonlinear Models
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Jann-Long Chern
Central University
Yoshio Yamada
Waseda University
Shoji Yotsutani
Ryukoku University
The aim of this special session is to exchange recent results, ideas and techniques on nonlinear elliptic and parabolic PDEs, including reaction-diffusion systems and free boundary problems, from mathematical physics, chemical reactions, mathematical biology, medical science and some other fields. In particular, we are interested in the global bifurcation structure for such models. Combinations of numerical simulations and theoretical approaches with asymptotic analysis will be very useful to understand the nonlinear phenomena together with underlying structure of solutions. We will give opportunities to both established and junior researchers working in the related area to present their recent results.
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