SS18 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Traffic Flow Models and Their Application in Traffic Engineering
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Benedetto Piccoli
Rutgers University - Camden
Benjamin Seibold
Temple University
Traffic engineering is undergoing a fundamental transformation: modern sensor technologies (e.g. smartphones) have caused a surge in new types of traffic data; and autonomous vehicles and wireless vehicle-vehicle communication give rise to completely new means of controlling traffic flow. With this rise of high-quality traffic data, and high-fidelity means of traffic control, sophisticated mathematical traffic models become increasingly important in actual engineering practice. This special session brings together traffic modeling researchers who are also interested in practical perspectives, with engineers who are using traffic models as fundamental tools in their research and engineering solutions. Senior and junior faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and students, will present and discuss recent research on traffic flow theory, traffic computation, state estimation and prediction, and the control of traffic flow.