SS101 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Randomness meets Life
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Peter Hinow
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Blerta Shtylla
Pomona College
We will bring together researchers that employ stochastic methods to model a rich set of biological phenomena. Stochastic effects are important when modeling small scale phenomena such as biochemical reactions, intra-cellular interactions, cellular pattern formation and transport due to the small scale of the environment. In these cases stochasticity is not a mere afterthought but the engine that mediates exquisitely complex phenomena. Stochastic effects are also important at larger scales, as in animal dispersion, spread of epidemics, mathematical immunology and cancer. Despite the large difference in scales the techniques used for model development and analysis are often similar. We intend to bring researchers together that have worked at both large and small scales in order to stimulate the exchange of ideas. An important aspect of the session is that we will encourage speakers to give large picture ideas of their respective fields which is important for cross pollination and also for young researchers interested in work on mathematical modeling of new biological applications.
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