SS1 AIMS 2016 Meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA

Title:  Nonlinearity in Climate and the Geosciences, A Special Session Honoring Peter D. Lax
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Michael Ghil
ENS, Paris, and UCLA, Los Angeles
Mickael D. Chekroun
Shouhong Wang
Indiana U.
Dynamical systems have played a major role in the early development of modern, post-WWII climate dynamics, with the work of E.N. Lorenz, H.M. Stommel, G. Veronis and others. Today, this role extends to other branches of the geosciences, and the emphasis is shifting from the use of autonomous dynamical systems to non-autonomous and random ones. This session will cover the applications of dynamical systems, in the broadest sense, to climate and the geosciences. The applications will span a hierarchy of models, from the simplest, autonomous systems of ordinary differential equations to functional, partial and stochastic ones. The session will be inspired by the elegance of Peter Lax’s contributions to many pertinent areas of nonlinear mathematics, including but not restricted to numerical methods for evolution problems and the highly nonlinear Korteweg-DeVries equation.
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