Visit University of Poitiers

  • Poitiers university is the second older university in France (it was founded in 1431, one year after Paris Sorbonne, by Pope Eugene IV and then confirmed by King Charles VII). Among the distinguished students were the famous writers Francois Rabelais (author of Gargantua) and Joachim du Bellay and the philosopher Rene Descartes.

  • The city of Poitiers is a medieval city, with many churches. There are also some houses which date back from medieval times.

  • The city of Poitiers is also famous because the Arab invasion was stopped there by Charles Martel on october 25, 732.

  • From a much more modern point of view, there is the Futuroscope, a theme park devoted to cinema.

  • Poitiers is more or less in the center (350km from Paris, 1h30 by TGV). About 160 kms from Poitiers is La Rochelle, where you can find the sea and nice fish and sea food restaurants.

  • 250 kms from Poitiers is Bordeaux, which is THE city for wine.

  • It is approximately 100 000 people and 25 000 students. Besides it is the capital of the region Poitou-Charrentes. Geographically it is not so far from the center of France. (let us say center-west, Bordeaux would be south-west).